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Heathside Pool House

Status: Under construction
Client: Private
Location: Surrey, UK
Architects: Surman Weston
Landscape Designer: Matthew Childs
Structural Engineers: Structure Workshop
Main Contractor: Belderbos Landscapes
Joinery Contractor: Tim Gaudin Joinery
Pool Contractor: Clear Water Revival
Concrete Contractor: Bonner Formwork
Pond Contractor: Water Artisans
Team: Percy Weston, Tom Surman, Hilton Murrell

This scheme is conceived as a bold geometric insertion into a wild and wooded garden. Our architectural intervention forms a deliberate counterpoint to the surrounding natural and topographically rich landscape.

An existing retaining wall running across the site results in a level change of 1.5 metres, between landscaped gardens and natural woodland. We set out to interrupt this threshold to our advantage. A dramatic circular disc straddles the level change – part of the disc rests on the ground, and part cantilevers above it, sweeping out into the woods. The rectangular swimming pool intersects the circular terrace and the sloped landscape, being half-buried in the ground and half protruding from it.

Materially, the project is composed of three elements: the concrete groundworks, the timber building and the aluminium roof. The lightweight aluminium roof over-sails the pool house below to create a canopy and deep threshold between inside and out. Large sliding doors allow the pool house to be fully opened up onto the circular terrace, transforming the compact internal space into a far larger ‘outdoor room’.


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