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Peckham House

Status: Planning
Expected Completion: 2021
Client: Private
Location: Peckham, London

This unashamedly modern family house, on an exposed corner-plot near the centre of Peckham, is designed to blend seamlessly with its surroundings, whist creating a contemporary interpretation of the much-loved Victorian terrace. It borrows many of these tried and tested design principles – being adaptable, light, spacious, well-proportioned and using high quality materials – and interpolates them all to create a practical and sustainable home.

Whilst the terracotta colour is in-keeping with that of the surrounding masonry buildings, the robust rammed pigmented concrete façade serves to subvert the prevalent material palette of the area. This colouring also helps to soften the stark nature of the concrete and smooth the potentially sharp, rectilinear form. The texture and pattern created during the construction process creates curvaceous strata, which form a counterpoint to the formal massing of the dwelling.

The oval shaped roof room and terrace form an unexpected juxtaposition to the rectilinear form of the main house. Clad in a lightweight corrugated aluminium the roof room subtly reflects the colours of the sky, helping it to blend in and reducing its visual impact from street level.

Flexibility and longevity have been a key consideration in the design of the building. As a practice we have a principle of using ‘thick’ materials: those that look as beautiful when they have aged as they are new; materials that can also be changed and refreshed according to tastes or fashion. Throughout the house we have employed these principles, for instance, using simple pine floor boards throughout the upper storeys – floors that can be left as they are, painted or varnished.

The design delivers a range of spatial and haptic experiences. The ground floor contains a larger and more open-plan series of spaces, with generous ceiling heights and an enfilade living room and dining room. This allows interconnected spaces to be opened up or separated off, an arrangement that is both sociable and flexible. In contrast to the entrance storey, the upper floors offer far more intimate spaces, culminating in a warm timber lined room at the top of the house, opening on to a dramatic roof terrace with views across London.

The house is currently in planning and expected to be completed in early 2020.


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